• We Can Start Training When They Are Puppies

    But, that doesn't mean we won't work with an older dog!

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  • The Motto of DHRC is "For Hunters By Hunters"

    HRC is the largest nationwide Hunting Retriever organization devoted to perpetuating the hunting instincts in the retriever breeds

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  • We Train All Year Round

    From Obedience Classes to Grand Hunting Retriever Training, we cover all areas of training

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  • We Train Dogs For Land Retrieves And Water Retrieves

    There Are Many Levels of Testing Available

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  • One Of Our Ultimate Goals Is To Have A Steady Hunting Dog

    Who Doesn't Break And Returns Bird To Hand

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  • But Why Not Get Points & Titles On Your Dogs Too

    There Are Many Levels of Testing Available

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  • We Host An Annual Hunt Test Each Spring/Summer

    But we train the whole year

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  • DHRC Treats Members With Respect and Has Fun!

    Contact Us About Joining Or Just Show Up At A Club Meeting

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Welcome to DHRC

The Dakota Hunting Retriever Club, was formed in 2002 by retriever owners who were interested in training their dogs for actual hunting situations. We are a family oriented organization interested in helping each other train our hunting companions. Our club members encourage each other to excel in the sport and spirit of retriever training.

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2019 Calendar of Events

Each year DHRC hosts an Upland test and what we refer to as our "regular" UKC hunt test around the Sioux Falls area. There are many other hunting retriever clubs in the Iowa, Minneosta and regional area that run tests just like the ones we put on. We encourage members to participate in those events also.

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What Are UKC "Hunt Tests"?

The events offered are designed to as closely simulate an actual hunt as possible. Dogs compete for points towards Championship and Grand Championship titles. All UKC Hunting program events are designed around a family atmosphere where owners are encouraged to handle their own dog(s).

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Go Dakota!

Just like any other club, traditions have been made. We like to soak our title winners in a bucket of ice/ice water. Sound horrible? Nah, it is all in good fun. We also like to holler "Go Dakota" when one of our club members titles. The other clubs are jealous, I'm sure.

DHRC Is Family Orientated

We encourage all family members to participate in events and even encourage youngsters to take a shot at handling. We also don't mind family members or youngsters attending the meetings. Everyone has dogs at different levels, and the club treats every member with respect.